Will the Share size be enough for my family?

We size the full share for a couple with small children who cook frequently.  Larger families or 'vegetablarians' might need to supplement their share.  For individuals, we recommend the half share or the biweekly share.  

Are you certified organic? 

Because of our small size, the cost, and the paperwork involved, we have not pursued organic certification yet.   However, we would be able to become certified immediately if we chose to.  For the last seven years, we have followed the National Organic Protocol and in some cases, we have gone beyond the NOP,  especially in avoiding certain organic, but still dangerous pesticides.  

what will I get in my Share?  

The composition of your share changes with the seasons.  Expect lots of greens and spring roots initially, followed by all of the great summer vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, and basil, and finishing with fall foods like table squash, sweet potatoes, and Brussel sprouts.  We aim to provide a wide array of 'every day' vegetables that are easy to cook and please the crowds.  Each week you will receive an email listing what to expect in your share along with recipes ideas to help you turn all this produce into great meals. 

How does pick-up work?

At our main site, we use a 'farmers market' style of pickup, where members bring their own bags and collect each type of vegetable from displayed bins.  For many crops, we grow a number of different varieties, so you can choose which variety you prefer at pickup.  For our satellite sites, we pre-pack shares for our members, and members transfer their veggies from these tubs to their own bags.